With a passion for outdoors and arts, carving bears fits perfectly.

I've always love being creative and testing new art mediums. I grew up drawing with pencil and later with pens. At one point I was going to be a Commercial Art Major. I tried my hand at water and oil painting and even won several contests by carving a few 3D pumpkins for halloween. Then along the way, I took up clay sclupturing. It was something I seemingly new how to first conceive it in my mind, and because of that the actual carving was much easier. Then one year as I was vacationing near Yosemite National park, at my father/mother-in-law's house for a Christmas holiday break, I decided I'd give chainsaw carving a try on one of their fallen pines. I loved doing it. I've sinced contacted a great auborist that works with my favorite types of wood and we're off to the races! :)

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